A Tribute to 1ST PAT-RN

It’s interesting to evaluate how unwillingly and seamlessly, our individual style seems to mutate over time. During the last few months, I’ve found myself incorporating vests into my attires on a regular basis, a garment which, until now, was an occasional alternative. This progressive transition results not only from my growing awareness of the vest’s versatility, but mainly from just how much it has evolved in recent years. The reinterpretations of the more formal suit vest, have allowed for unique versions that can be worn by themselves as outstanding layering elements: this model from 1st PAT-RN is a perfect example and the main responsible for my newfound love…

A gift from Cristiano Berto and one of my most treasured pieces, this particular vest is unique in the world: a sample trial developed using “tinto in capo”, to achieve the uneven faded light blue shade and worn in effect. Resorting to their trademark knitted cavalry fabric and vintage military design, the vest features a super soft feel and unique tailored construction with raw jersey on the inner seams, and 4 pockets: two on the sides, a ticket pocket and a biased chest pocket. Here I paired it with a green oxford button down, beige cotton chinos and vintage loafers inherited from my father (these are over 10 years and still look perfect). The melange ecru/green knit tie and plaid pocket square pick up the shades of the other elements and give the look a more polished feel.

Details: exclusive knitted cavalry vest by 1st PAT-RN, oxford button down by Ralph Lauren, chinos by Acne, loafers by Tods, melange knit tie by CAMO, mto pocket square, vintage braided leather belt, watch by Gucci.

Model and Styling: Miguel Amaral Vieira

#chino #Oxford